Valtteri Wilén

Service Designer available!


For me it´s an agile, iterative, customer centric process, that I use when I work and tackle challenges. one can sub-label it in many ways, such as:

Service Design

Is your organization efficient from your point of view, or from your customers point of view or both? Wanna improve your CX?

Industrial Design

Let me design your products and packaging , so that they are usable and aesthetic!

Graphic Design

GUI, UX, User interfaces, WordPress websites and eCommerce, Brand development, Packaging graphics, Advertising in digi&print, Logos, etc


I´m available and looking.

I currently work as a freelance designer, with all kinds of design projects via my company (Wisio ID).
BUT, I am equally interested of long term employment in a customer centric organization. Project management, or finding solutions to complex challenges as part of multidisciplinary team would be an ideal and inspiring position for me.


Valtteri Wilén

MA in Leadership and Service Design
BA in Industrial Design

”We at MarineCycles had an idea of digitalized service with connections to current offering. With Valtteri’s guidance it was taken thru service design process, which surfaced the missing key factors and gave reasoning to drop irrelevant needs away. By Valtteri this service concept got it’s frame work, he validated it together with end-users and created foundation for service testing and piloting. We are super happy with the outcome”
Vesa Marttinen
CEO @ Marinecycles
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