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turnkey WORDPRESS homepage packages

Pretty easy way to have a homepage for your business!

Content CreationYES
Photography *
Photo editing and optimizationYES
Content updating (txt, img)YES (2h/ month)
Mobile Responsive DesignYES
One Pager, or trad. -looksYES
Contact formYES
Image GalleryYES
SoMe -integrationYES
Blog platform with SoMe integrationsYES
1 Domain (or old linked to)YES
SSL -sertificate (https)YES
WP optimized WebhotelYES
Speed optimized siteYES
Search engine optimized contentYES
Site structure modification **
WP & Security updatesYES
Site BackupsYES
CDN ***
GDPR concent approval (if analytics in use)YES
e-mail ****
Chat *****

* Photography can be understood so widely, that it´s not included in packages. It can be done by hourly rate. Image editing and optimization is included in packages.
** All structural changes after site is published will be made by hourly rate.
*** CDN (Content Delivery Network) is not necessary for all sites. It can be added and invoiced separately.
**** e-mail is not included in packages. I´d recommend you to get one directly from Google or Microsoft. I can help you with that.
***** Chat can be added to your site by hourly rate.

* The hosting & upkeep with similar service package is 49,50€/month, invoiced in 12 or 24 month intervals.
You can re-direct your domain freely to other webhotel during your fixed service package and copy the website content there, but there will be no repayment of any of the chosen fixed packages. Webhotel service offered by Wisio ID can not be used to host any other websites, than those that are designed by Wisio ID. Customer is responsible of the law and regulation (GDPR etc.) compliance of the services they offer.

1. Choose the timespan for visibility

Deside how long you want your page to be available online (12, 24 or 36 months).

2. The size of your homepage

You can choose the suitable size package for your needs. Options are 1-page, 2 to 4 pages and 5 to 8 pages.

One Pager

One Page home / landing page.

Small site

Homepage with 2-4 pages.

Medium size site

Homepage with 5-8 pages.

3. Co-Designed content

You don´t have to deliver all the content. I assume that you are professional in your own business, so let´s co-design the content on your site and I´ll make the design based on that.

4. View the prototype

You get to comment the look and feel of the prototype. We´ll agree with the changes that need to be made. Then we´ll agree that all is done and I´ll send you an invoice. Package must be paid before site publishing in one payment instalment.

5. Page get published

After your payment is visible in my bank account I will release your site to internet. After chosen time, the package will be off-line. Unless you want to continue with it *

12 month package

Choose the package based on site size: 1, 2 to 4 or 5 to 8 -pages.

1 page


2 to 4 pages


5 to 8 pages


24 month package

Choose the package based on site size: 1, 2 to 4 or 5 to 8 -pages.

1 page


2 to 4 pages


5 to 8 pages


36 month package

Choose the package based on site size: 1, 2 to 4 or 5 to 8 -pages.

1 page


2 to 4 pages


5 to 8 pages


Taylored webservices and eCommerce

Web Services

If you want to stand out from the mass, or you need eCommerce take a look at here. I can develop you a taylored site with the functions you and your customers need. I can offer Service Design process before your site development, so you will really know what your customers need. I also run eCommerce on my own, so I can help you starting one.

Hosting & taylored upkeep starting from 49,50€/month (with 6, 12 and 24 month payment plan).

Contact me and let´s get started

Taylored site include what you need...


starting from:
  • + Taylored upkeep staring from 49,50€/month


Starting from:
  • + Taylored upkeep starting from 49,50€/kk

VAT 24% will be added to all prices in Finland. All rights reserved to change the prices without any notice.

Send your enquiry and I´ll get back to you ASAP. Any questions, give us a call!