• Valtteri Wilén
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I have been making websites for few years. I started around “Y2K” with Netscape WYSIWYG -editor by building my personal online portfolios and websites for my bands (and my mates bands) and also for few companies. Then I moved to Dreamweaver WYSIWYG and from that on to HTML/CSS and later HTML5 for responsive designs. Around 2015 I started to learn WordPress and on that road I still am.

I have designed/made numerous One Pagers, larger websites and eCommerces with WP. You can see few references from below.

Just Lazy – Webstore

Saatek – One Pager

Marincycles – Website

EenaFit – One Pager

Lähimainos – Website

Kasatek – One Pager

Soften – Website

RKK – One Pager

Team Misa – Webstore