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When it comes down to web browsing, things changed profoundly around the end of 2016.  What happened then, was that the world moved into “mobile first” web browsing. What that means, is that since then, more browsing and web searching has happened first with mobile device browsers, rather than with desktop/laptop browsers. Therefore it´s mandatory for your website to be mobile optimized today. You need to offer best possible customer experience and usability to your site users. Besides site usability the mobile responsive design has many other benefits also. For example: It lessens the need to create duplicated contents, it makes your site ranks better in search engines, people are more likely to share your content when it´s available with all the devices fluidly, it improves your sites browsing speed, it makes your sales funnels more efficient, customer journeys are vastly improved with mobile responsive designs.


Website speed

Main reason for people to leave your site is the download time. People today have zero patience when it comes to digital service speeds. Talking about first impressions! Either it works immediately or they leave. Speed is huge part of the user experience in services. You can search some research data that will tell you that people won´t wait even 2 seconds(!) for your site to download before bouncing off. Website download speed also plays huge part in search engine results. Google lifts fast loading sites up in search results and they also monitor the bounce rates. The most important thing in your website speed is the hosting service (at the moment this very website is not located on WP optimized server, yeah – shoemakers kids have no shoes and other collected excuses…). But when the hosting is taken care of, there is a lot of things I can do to improve your website speed. I can recommend you faster service providers to host your site. And even if your host is not offering optimized platform to your site and you for some reason don´t want to change the current situation, I can probably still make your site work a lot faster. If you feel you want your WordPress website or eCommerce to work faster for your users get in touch, aye!



To put it simpe the Search Engine Optimization is made because you want to guide the wanted traffic to your website or eCommerce. That traffic means new customers getting to know of the products and services you offer, or making it easy for your existing customers to check something out, or just for like minded people to find your blog. Things mentioned above, the mobile responsive design and website speed both make huge difference to the position where search engines show your site (rank you) on the search results.  SEO can be made from different kind of angles. If you are selling something, the sales is probably the good angle to choose. To optimize with what kind of organic searches products/service are found with, how to get people in your sales funnels. You can also optimize based on your location to get the people around you informed of your services. Maybe you wan´t to optimize your hobby, team, band, etc. websites to be found from the depths of web for the people whom are interested of. People usually click the results found in the first page of results. That´s why you should be as high there as possible. SEO (and good and relevant quality of your content) helps you in that competition.

If your WP site needs SEO, don´t hesitate to contact me. 


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Team Misa – Webstore

I have been making websites for few years. I started around “Y2K” with Netscape WYSIWYG -editor by building my personal online portfolios and websites for my bands (and my mates bands) and also for few companies. Then I moved to Dreamweaver WYSIWYG and from that on to HTML/CSS and later HTML5 for responsive designs. Around 2015 I started to learn WordPress and on that road I still am. I have designed/made numerous One Pagers, larger websites and eCommerces with WP. I can help you to understand your customer better with service design tools.

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