Service Design, IRM-Tool - design workshops

(Projektin kommunikointi tapahtui englanniksi, joten tämä kuvaus englanniksi)

IRM-tool is an innovation project that bridges creative knowledge with the maritime industry’s innovation needs. The purpose of the project is to boost creative job opportunities in maritime industry by enabling encounters between the creative fields and maritime industry. The project is implemented during 29.5.2017-31.10.2019.

The project develops a concept or a tool that helps to utilize innovation theories in concrete problem solving situations. A web-based tool is created to help companies develop their innovation knowledge and processes. The tool is developed from maritime industry perspective through case studies and innovation theory, utilizing service design, media expertise, and other creative knowledge. Workshops test the creative knowledge, methods and their application in concrete maritime industry's challenges, and thus provide information for the usability of the tool. Maritime Industry provides real life challenges, and creative knowledge, e.g. service design, acting, drawing, game developing etc. is utilized to combine the theory and practice. Service design and media professionals are used to develop practical and interesting content for the tool.

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