Conceptual Design Package

New Product Concept Package

A Fresh view to your productline
  • 1 week work of Senior Designer (benchmarking & conceptual design)
  • Get your brand a new product concept
  • Sketches by hand or with 3D visualizations (dependant of the product itself)
  • You get the concept delivered by me
  • Your project will be handled with a 100% confidentiality.
  • After the delivery you have an option to proceed with product development project.

Need fresh ideas and pair of eye outside of your organization to help you to develop your products? Buy my New Product Concept Package!

Let´s get going ! Give me more info of your project.

Fill all the fields, please. I´ll give you a call when I have received the info.

How it goes?

  • You contact me and deliver me info regarding the project. *
  • I´ll call you and we have a chat based on the info you send.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Conceptual Design.
  • Results delivered. *

* Everything in your project will be handled with a 100% confidentiality. NDA signed if needed.

* Delivery meeting traveling costs included in price in Finland (within ~3h traveling distance from Turku). Other locations need to be agreed separately. Skype (and such.) can also be used to communicate.

What next?

  • You have a concept that you can now develop into product. I´d be happy to help!
  • I can assist you to choose sub-contractors to manufacture your products.
  • I can sharpen your brand, develop you a new website or eCommerce to sell your product(s).

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