Brand Development

CASE / Alanteen Tila


Brand development for alanteen tila

Alanteen Tila is one of the largest berryfarms in Finland and is located in Paimio, near Turku. They produce strawberries, rasperries, blueberrie and so on. They also refine the berries into jams, juices and even sparkly drinks! Another business for them is also to offer accommodation services for tourists and travelers in their cabins. They asked me to re-draw their old logo, that caused them difficulties because it was not working well with different printing techniques. The old logo seemed to be attached with lots of emotional ties, but I was brave enough to suggest them a completely new, modified, version of it. It took some time for them to approve it, but eventually they liked it and adopted it in use. After that the signs for the farm and all the advertising in vehicles and their berry kiosks were renewed.